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Gladys is the name♥
Fallen Goddess and very madaldal.
Seductive and effortlessly attractive. (Pinaniniwalaan ko talaga to!).
Hugs and kisses are very important to me.
A Part time lover and a Full time Friend.
Ayoko sa mga taong EPAL. Yun lang! :)
Currently single and definitely ready to mingle. ♥
Crazy Class Clown. Loves CRABS!
"People come and go; memories will stay in our hearts forever."
I value happiness so much.. I can't go on an hour not laughing.
Don't worry, I do follow back.
Hate me? Kwento mo sa ex kong nagsisising pinakawalan niya ako noon. CHOS LANG!
Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about me?
I'm not a snob, go and ask. :)

*Waiting for my Popoy ♥ (PARANG MALAPIT NA SIYA :D)
You can kiss her. But don’t you dare fall in love with her..
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BAGAY na sana tayo eh.

Kaso HAYOP ka lang talaga.


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Bumabanat sa Pinoy Henyo. :") Boy: Tao ba ito?
Girl: Hindi!
Boy: Hayop?
Girl: Hindi!
Boy: Bagay?
Girl: Oo! OO! OO!
Boy: Bagay ba kamo? Hmm... Edi "TAYO" to? :">

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BEST FRIENDS are hard to find because the very BEST ones are already mine. :D

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